I Missed You!

Each day, every night just passed by and I was alone with just my thoughts.
Was upset not because I mind being alone, but I hate FEELING alone.
That day, as I lay on bed with all that I had, my thoughts, and wondered what was missing? I had everything, Family, Friends, Someone with whom I’d want to spend my whole life with…
Well maybe…
Maybe because I din’t have someone to listen to me… to listen to my thoughts.
I felt like being eaten up from within and I knew it was killing me.
But it had no way to get out of my head.
I really wished if only someone listened to me. All I wanted was to be heard. And maybe I missed You. I din’t really know who’s that ‘You, but I missed you!
Nights blew sleepless, and I was antagonized with each and everything that came around.
And that really helped. Not me, but my THOUGHTS.
That helped them take away the slightest social life I lived.
One night as these thoughts haunted and foiled me, I reminded myself of being the old, strong, independent me.
Yes Independent!
Why do I really need someone to listen to me, I thought. But then something was still missing…
Today, as I write this, I know exactly what was missing… it wasn’t a person.
Thanks for always being there!


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